The Data Lake Benefits Panel is Live!

Data Lake
2 min readMar 14, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the Data Lake Benefits Panel has been deployed for the very first time! Fundacja Podaruj Dane (Polish Donate Your Data Foundation) has launched a benefits program for their “Data Heroes” and other registered users, who now have the option of participating in the benefits ecosystem.

Once our full ecosystem is live our benefits panel will interact with the blockchain, and it will display a points balance that reflects the tokens contained in a particular smart address without the user needing to access or even own a web3 wallet. This makes it inclusive for people who are digitally excluded or who would otherwise never interact with web3 technology, and — once our full ecosystem is live — will be accessible worldwide.

When logged in to our benefits panel, these points will be able to be used from claiming benefits from an ever-expanding range of healthcare and wellness products and services. As data exchange events increase across our ecosystem, so will the utility of our benefits panel.

This pilot launch of our benefits panel is yet another major milestone for Data Lake, as we will continue to expand and improve over time as we prepare for the international deployment of our full ecosystem!

👉 If you are Polish and still haven’t donated your medical data, visit and become a Data Hero today!

👉 If you’re already signed up, take a look at the Benefits Panel in the left menu when logged in to your Podaruj Dane account.