Project Update #10 — February 2023

Data Lake
5 min readMar 2, 2023

Dear Community and Investors,

Welcome to Data Lake’s 10th Project Update! February has been a HUGE month for us, and we want to share all the important updates, highlights, and milestones hit in the past weeks. From new achievements, product launches to partnerships and more, this newsletter has it all. Read on!

🌍 Expansion and Business Development

We signed the first framework agreement for the purchase of data!

We are proud to announce that we have secured the first framework agreement for the purchase of anonymized Medical Data — collected through our infrastructure — by a well established global data broker. This is a MAJOR milestone for our project as it not only proves that there is demand for anonymized data, but it also shows that our EU-compliant, consent-based, and patient-centric approach is an important factor for researchers when sourcing their data. We firmly believe that this is the first data agreement of many, and we are incredibly excited that one of our major goals for this year has been accomplished so early!

First Data Flow recorded on-chain!

On the 26th of January, we officially recorded the proof of the first data flow between Data Lake and a hospital on the Polygon blockchain.

This achievement marks a key milestone in our mission to provide a transparent and reliable platform to enable the exchange of medical data. It also confirms the huge potential of DeSci, opening the door to a new and compliant way of giving researchers access to medical data.

👉 Check out our our article on the topic to learn more, and watch the video explanation made by our CTO Oliver Slapal.

The Donate Your Data Foundation has began its public Data Donation Campaign

Fundacja Podaruj Dane (Polish for “Donate Your Data Foundation”) is the non-profit organization that is working to raise support for medical data donation and collect consents from Polish patients. The foundation has just launched a public awareness media campaign through, a Polish healthcare news site with 70 million monthly views.

🇵🇱 Check out our article on the news to learn more.

Partner program launched

Data Lake launched a new partner initiative: we are offering a reward of up to 1,000,000 $LAKE tokens to anyone who has pre-existing relationships with Data Providers, Trust Entities, Data Buyers, Tier 1 Venture Funds, or important KOLs or media.

🤝 Click here to learn more about how you can partner with us and to read the terms and conditions of our partnership program.

New Data Provider on-boarded!

We have recently welcomed a new Data Provider with more than 120 partner facilities in Europe to our global medical data donation system! Thanks to our cooperation, soon many thousands of patients will be able to choose to share their diagnostic images with researchers through our platform!

📰 Marketing and Web 3

LAKE listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko!

In case you missed it, LAKE was recently listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, the two world’s most-referenced tracking website for cryptocurrencies and tokens.

⭐️ For CoinMarketCap, visit and make sure to add LAKE to your Watchlist!

🦎 If you prefer CoinGecko, check out and click on the star icon to add LAKE to your Watchlist!

Our presence in DeSci and… AI!

Data Lake is proud to be part of the DeSci movement and is dedicated to promoting its mission to have open and better science by hosting several activities.

Our co-founder and CEO Wojciech Sierocki was the guest of the “Crypto Altruism” podcast, episode 88. Wojciech discussed why blockchain is such a powerful tool for improving medical data collection, Data Lake’s Consent-to-Earn incentive model and much more.

🎙 Listen to entire episode on Crypto Altruism.

We also hosted the first ever session of The DeSci Network — a round-table discussion about the future of science, research, and technology — and published the fourth issue of DeSci Monthly, our newsletter dedicated to the hottest news and developments in DeSci!

We also published a new article entitled “The Sci-Fi Future of AI-Driven Medicine”. The article explores the potential of artificial intelligence in several fields of the healthcare industry. AI has become a trending topic in the scientific and medical communities, and this one is only the first in a series of articles that take a closer look at how AI can revolutionize the medical industry. If you haven’t already, click here to read it.

🔚 Final Thoughts

In summary, this month has been a highly successful one for Data Lake, with many key milestones and achievements being made that will drive the fundamentals of our ecosystem. From the recording of the first data flow on-chain to the launch of the Benefits Panel and the Partner Program, we are making significant progress towards our mission to provide a transparent and reliable platform for the exchange of medical data.

We hope you enjoyed this update, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news with you all in the coming months. Thank you for your continuous support and for believing in our mission.

The Data Lake Team