Lake Token Launch: Transparency Report

Data Lake
5 min readDec 5, 2022


Introduction and Rationale

Data Lake is building the foundation for the fair and transparent sharing of medical data, addressing the interests and needs of all of our stakeholders. Fairness is at the core of our business philosophy and it informs all the decisions we are making — regarding business partners, clients and participants in the ecosystem. In alignment with these core values, we are releasing this transparency report — it includes both the hard numbers as well as the motivations and factors involved in the decisions surrounding the launch of the LAKE token.

The LAKE token is not only an important part of our business model, but it’s a crucial tool to be able to reward data donors for sharing their medical data with researchers. As our consent system launches and the first data transfer approaches quickly, launching the token is mission critical.

When it comes to the LAKE token, we opted for what is called a “fair launch”. This means we aren’t using launchpads or exchange-based incentive programs that demand a large portion of tokens as their fee. We’re not using shilling groups or bots that manipulate public opinion and trick people into investing by artificial and manufactured hype. It also means that we have set up our tokenomics so that the ecosystem is sustainable, and aligns the interests of all participants rather than just favoring the big players.

Treating people fairly and seeking to align the best interests of all stakeholders has been the basis for all of our decisions so far, and will remain that way in the future.

Our core business and business model are what drives the fundamental value of Data Lake. The true value of our ecosystem is driven by real-life data purchases from researchers. This is why we are not overly concerned with market conditions and why we continue our focus on the core business development at Data Lake — there is a $100bn/year demand for medical data, and that demand has no correlation with the crypto market conditions. We already have Letters of Intent signed with 15 amounting to over $800k, and we are in advanced stages of negotiation with many others. The sooner we can collect consents on a large scale, the sooner we can fulfill these orders and begin putting significant value into the Data Lake ecosystem. With data orders lined up and more agreements with both data providers and receivers being signed each week, launching the Data Lake concept fully is paramount to the success of the whole system.

Fairness, transparency, and creating value that is both sustainable and equitable are the core drivers of our decisions.

The Numbers

Token Launch Price: $0.002
You may notice that our token launch price is the same as our investment rounds. It was important to us that our token strategy lined up with both our core values and our business strategy. Providing an edge during the investment rounds we would be showing preferential the “big players”, which is exactly what our data donation program is designed not to do. We are trying to democratize data and the rewards of the data economy, so it was clear for us that it wouldn’t be ethical to start the project by doing the exact opposite of that.

Additionally, we believe that launching at the same price as investment rounds will have a positive impact on price action. With investors less inclined to sell at token launch, the price is protected from price dumps which would put off any additional potential investors from buying the token. This potential positive buy pressure and incentive to hold tokens will help build a more sustainable price action, which benefits all token holders and helps both build and maintain value.

Also, take into account that the venture funds were buying the token for the same price as the seed investors and will get the same price on token launch as the community. This ensures that there’s incentive for both the community and investors to purchase and/or hold after the IDO and no incentive for previous investors (also VCs) to dump the tokens, resulting in bad results for everyone.

Our project is one with long-term vision — we believe that sustainable growth and fair tokenomics will be key to the adoption and success of LAKE and the medical data economy we are building.

Liquidity: $30k, designed to grow with time

We’re launching our token with approximately $30k of liquidity pool value on Uniswap and will be adding more with subsequent transactions in the system (as per our tokenomics mechanisms) and further capital investment. With every transaction on the data, $LAKE tokens will be purchased from the market and liquidity pool will be enlarged. This will help to ensure a stable, predictable growth of the token value with time, driven by our core business activities.

We will be adding liquidity mainly for the ETH-$LAKE token pair, as it reflects our belief in the Ethereum ecosystem and limits our risk exposure to stable coins with no clear proof of reserves. This will also make it easy for non-crypto native community members to acquire $LAKE, as only one on-ramp transaction (fiat to ETH) will be required to cover both the transaction fees and the purchase value.

Total Supply:
7,500,000,000 LAKE

Circulating Supply:
The circulating supply at TGE will be of 120,000,000 LAKE tokens, accounting for the 1.60% of the total supply.

Initial Market Cap:

Vesting and Allocations


Treasury Wallet

Our treasury wallet address is: 0xd62ba193d0c0c556d4d37dbbc5e431330471a557


We take security and privacy extremely seriously. That is why ALL token wallets use multisig to ensure that not a single token can be spent without multiple people signing off. This means that no single person has sole access to any funds. Additionally we use multi-factor authentication, encryption and VPNs, airgapping and various other operational methods to ensure all critical access is locked down tightly.