Data Lake is a winner of Boost VC’s DeSci pitching competition

Data Lake
2 min readDec 20, 2022

We are excited to announce that Data Lake has won a DeSci-focused pitching competition hosted by Boost VC and secured an investment of $25,000!

Boost VC is an early stage venture capital firm with $200m AUM in San Mateo, California. Boost VC’s mission is to accelerate the Sci-Fi Future (aerospace, VR/AR, energy, climate, robotics, crypto, bio, AI/ML, deep tech & more) by expanding into “Future Trillion Dollar Markets”.

Regarding their investment in Data Lake, Boost VC said:

“We had over 50 great teams apply, of which 10 teams were selected to share their DeSci startups at the pitch day. We were delighted to award first place and a $25k investment prize to Data Lake, a startup making data donation as easy as blood donation with Web3 tools.”

We are extremely proud to be able to represent DeSci worldwide, and we’re looking forward to the opportunities that winning this investment prize will bring to our business.

Thank you for your support Boost VC — let’s make that Sci-Fi Future a reality when it comes to progress in medical science!